mercredi 1 janvier 2014

Cracking the 1896/97 Airships Mystery? Toward a Psycho-Sociocultural Explanation (Long Version) - Part I.

Please, redirect to the final version, with part II added as other chapters and English fixed.

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Tim Hebert a dit…

Gilles, enjoyed your post. Fascinating research on airships and the potential for setting up mis-perceptions and visual distortions.

Looking forward to part 2.

Gilles Fernandez a dit…

Hello Tim,

Merci Mister Hebert!^^ It is cool to receive "feed-backs". Mainly from a person like you and your blog I follow.
Yes, "I" think a "prevailing imagery and hope may have generated several cultural mental representations before the wave and led some people to believe they saw real airships, but in reality misinterpreting prosaic/celestial stimuli through their psycho-sociocultural cognitive filter."
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe not... As believing it is a "good" pist to explain this wave.

For the part 2, heu, need a pause^^



ThomasT a dit…

All this airship talk is fine. Luckily not a single 'airship' could have been an intelligently controlled et craft, and upset the authors research. Why? Because nasa, seti, astronomers and Govts say so. Open and get re-educated.

Gilles Fernandez a dit…

@ Thomas T.

To claim to re-educate people (or me), as criticazing NASA, SETI, astronomers and sending for this a link containing faked UFO videos, intervention by Blake & Brent twins videos hoaxers, and much more, is hilarious, if not pathetic.

Yvan D. a dit…

Est-ce simplement la traduction du texte publié en décembre 2012, ou est-ce aussi une mise-à-jour ?

Gilles Fernandez a dit…

Bonsoir Yvan D.

Une mise à jour + "beaucoup plus" que l'article original.


Yvan D. a dit…

Comme si je n'avais pas encore assez de trucs à lire comme ça. :-)
Enfin, au moins le température s'y prête bien.

Yvan D. a dit…

J'écrit ceci sans méchanceté, mais je suis d'avis qu'un document de cette ampleur, fruit d'une longue recherche et de ruminations conséquentes, ne devait être proposé en anglais qu'une fois parfaitement traduit.

Gilles Fernandez a dit…

Je suis très d'accord avec toi, mais il me semble avoir écrit "It is currently a draft format, and corrections, remarks, format, as fixing my bad English is under way."

Comme je risque de voguer vers d'autres choses que l'ufologie (vers mai 2014) - je pense en avoir fait le tour -, disons que je mets en ligne, sans doute un peu rapidement, mais je sais que mon Anglais est très limite.



Yvan D. a dit…

John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse (1970), développe déjà la théorie du mimétisme que présente Fabrice Bonvin avec un enthousisme irrépressible. Un autre qui a sauté dans la marmite. C'est déplorable.

Yvan D. a dit…
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Tim Hebert a dit…


I had thought about writing a response to Rich Reynolds' critique of your paper...your methodology, but figure its not worth the effort or time.

I find it troublesome that he would praise your work as "superb" then within the matter of a few days trash it as "fraudulent" and "propaganda."

I have to wonder if he had actually read your article prior to posting a link to it.

I've no trouble if someone reasonably objects to one's hypothesis, but in Rich's case civility seems to have left the house.

The memory models that are discussed and employed in your paper are "sound" and conform well to cognitive behaviorism.

Your photo of Venus unfortunately was over reacted by Reynolds. I would hope that most intelligent people would be able to discern the actual size of the planet and not get bent all out of shape.

Did people actually see an airship(s)...I can't say one way or another...the same can be said of Venus.

I can say that your hypothesis has merit and provides for a good possibility on all fronts.

Best Regards,

Tim Hebert

zoamchomsky a dit…

Hello Gilles!

Excellent work; if I can help you in any way, just say. I'm at your service, my friend.

Vive Scepticisme Scientifique!
Vive L'hypothese Sociopsychologique!

Gilles Fernandez a dit…

Hello Zoamchomsky !

Thank's a lot and nice to see you here! That's cool to receive some feed-backs for this hobby.

The "final version" will be released in few days or hours(then this one will be redirected to): English fixed, part II added, new sightings potentialy explained and probably more. What a teaser! What a suspens! ^^

Merci encore !